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Fun addicting

Makes strategy fun. But I think they withhold pieces on purpose.

Skills challenge

A game that utilizes your brain and causes you to problem solve but easy enough to put down and come right back when your ready

Noisy Ads!

So I’m lying in bed in the morning with my husband sleeping beside me. I download this game, hit the MUTE button, start to play in silence, and the AD hits, and blares out loud music. Mercy, how can developers be this greedy.

Fun, but....

Fun game to kill time...but the ads are really irritating.


I love this game it’s relaxing but I hate the ads!

Fun and relaxing

Fun relaxing and a good game to use your mind and wind down at the end of be day

Woody Puzzle

Great game. It is helping me change the way I approach problems

Fun game

Wish didn’t have adds ..but like game


This game is bad for your marriage!

Great game to pass time!

Great game to pass time and try to beat your top score!

Very addicting

A very challenging and addicting game

Wood puzzle

Too many interruptions Must turn game off, because phone or iPad gets very very hot, from all ads Game would be great if it weren’t for interruptions


Really enjoy


It’s nice

I have lost sleep

Is challenging and keeps my interest


Works your brain! Challenged to pass my best score!

Woody Puzzle

Love the game ,makes my mind really work

Passes the time

Addictive, time consuming, stress reliever.

Wood puzzle

Keeps my brain and hands busy, it’s calming.


GreAt game!

Woody puzzle

Love this game. I play it daily

Mrs V.


Keeps me entertained for hours!

Entertaining and challenging!

Great game!

Great if I like Tetris. It’s similar but better!

Love it

I love this game I play it 24/7

Woody Puzzles

Love the challenge!

Hard to stop!

Great game, could keep playing all night!


fun dynamic strategic planning


I can play for hours

Woody Puzzle

Great challenge!

Brain Crunching Game

This Game Is So Addicting And Fun To Play With, It Gets You Thinking About What Goes Where! It Takes Time And Concentration To Reach New High Scores! - Tay😁


Great game


Awesome !!! Fills in the voids of my day :)

Not a bad game, however...

I cannot believe the number of ads on this game! Pop up ads on the bottom and game app ads between every round! My plans to eliminate the intrusions by buying the ad free version were quickly trashed when I saw the cost to purchase. You’ve got to be kidding? This game is not worth the price that you’re asking.

Keeps you busy!

Nice entertaining game

Wood game

Love this game


Simple but challenging. Fun!

Very addicting

Easy to learn - can play during free moments and pick up where you left off. A nice addition would be an explanation of how points are awarded. Basic point scoring is obvious, but there seems to be additional points awarded when eliminating multiple rows / columns that cross.

could use some improvements

i really live this game, but i get tired of the commercials and advertising!

Love hate relationship

Totally addicted!!

Great game, good for anxiety

Great game for anxiety. Helps me concetrate on something else. Calls me down, and I can get back to the task at hand

Great game

It’s a challenging game. I enjoy it

Miller g d

Great and challenging game

Tired of ads

Need an ad free version please

Fun game.

Fun game.

Mind maker

Good for you brain exercise


Addictive and good for spatial awareness.




Keeps my mind active

A fun game

Keeps you entertained and keeps the brain young!

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